As I hurried down 12 South to split a pitcher of margaritas with friends, I saw this man sitting on the bench. Anyone—I mean anyone—with a guitar, in public, has my undivided attention. Sure, this is NASHVILLE, the city where 7 out of 10 people are carrying an instrument the same way I schlep my purse around. Nonetheless, I am swept away with this romanticized notion of people creating beauty within music on the streets. 

Meet Bobby. 

Hometown: Liberty, SC

How long have you been playing guitar: 40 years. 

What does creativity mean to you: I create something to improve someone’s life. To better your life. I don’t think you can label creativity in an artistic standpoint. But it comes in all facets, like a diamond. 

What inspires you: God. It’s not like I’m a saint, but He inspires me.

When was a moment that you felt the most creative: As a street performer, I’ve made more money. I’ve had people crying. I say “Am I really that BAD?”. But they tell me that I need to record that song in a studio.